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Highly varied technical solutions for fire detection and control, certified to leading EU standards in the domain of heat and smoke dispersal by green technologies.

With 40 years of experience in providing life-saving and structure-saving solutions against fire damage, adhering to the most stringent standards in the field – the company’s engineering and technical teams are prepared to provide solutions around the clock to fulfill our clients’ needs.

The company has a product line imported from Germany from the leading companies in this domain including RODA, EUROLAM, CLAUSS MAKISEN, providing the ability to cope with stringent standards for the release of heat and smoke, and for green construction.

The great number of products enables us to adapt the various systems to any type of construction and structure and to any weather conditions. They fulfill the fire control requirements for heat and smoke release systems per the EU standards: EN-12101-2 and DIN 18232-2. The products are available for order in any size and allow for flexible planning.

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The Paragon Barnea Group has Comprehensive and Wide-Scale Information

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The Paragon Barnea Group has Comprehensive and Wide-Scale Information