The Paragon Barnea Group

The Paragon Barnea Group offers a great variety of technical solutions for fire detection and fire suppression problems according to the most stringent European standards for heat and smoke extraction and according the principles of green, eco-friendly technology- the future of Israeli building standards. Our engineers and technicians rely on four decades of experience in life-saving and fire damaged buildings to provide the best solutions that meet the most rigorous standards in this field. Our staff is available around the clock and prepared to address every client’s needs.

The Paragon Barnea Group stocks a vast inventory of products made by leading German companies renowned for their expertise such as EUROLAM, CLAUSS MAKISEN. With these brilliant solutions, the Paragon Barnea Group is able to work according to the most rigorous heat and smoke extraction, and green construction standards.

The great choice of available products enables our staff to plan the best possible fire suppression and smoke extraction systems for every type of structure and climate. These EN 12101-2 and DIN 18232-2 standard bearing components can be installed inside structures, over roofs and on walls. Our products are available in many sizes. They can be customized and adjusted for every setting and design option.