Extended Fire and Heat Resistance of Structural Elements (Building Materials)

Fire resistant building materials should never fail during a fire emergency. This is teir purpose. Fire protection gear must not cease from functioning and partitions must not collapse. Resilient materials and equipment make safety zones safe and prevent fire and smoke spreading out of control.

There are several parameters for fire resistance and fireproofing levels. For instance:

  • Flammability: Israeli SII standards specify seven flammability levels ranging from A (nonflammable construction materials) to F (highly flammable).
  • Smoke Density: Israeli SII standards specify three levels ranging from S1 (minimum smoke) to S3 (high)
  • Deformation: Israeli SII standards specify three levels ranging from D0 (material does not deform at all) to 2.

Fire resistance is categorized according to several other parameters such as flooring material and insulation sleeve flammability.

Our company assembles and installs sophisticated fire protection systems. We supply systems for heat and smoke extraction in order to prevent property damages and predominantly to save human lives.