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Barcode Fire Protection Equipment App

Routine and accessible service for fire protection equipment is crucial for every client. Several typical problems might cause faulty communication between clients and service providers. We, however, are aware of these problems and knoe to address them:

  • Hidden or inaccessible equipment might be neglected and thus, not inspected
  • The communication between clients and service providers might be delayed, so clients might be informed about the condition of their equipment days or weeks after an inspection when they should have been solved immediately
  • Information is not available to clients at all times
  • Consistent and particular service logs for each fire protection system component cannot be accessed and found.

Our company staff is aware of these typical mishaps and our customer service is tailored to address them most efficiently. In order to solve such fire protection and maintenance issues we developed a custom application for smart phones.

“Barcode” is a computerized system that enables thousands of our clients in Israel to manage and control their fire protection equipment installed and serviced by our company easily.

With this application, which consists of questionnaires written according to the relevant equipment and required standards, our technicians are able to evaluate the inspected system’s condition, log it and recommend the client how to maintain and repair it.

This data is automatically saved. It is available one click away so clients may look up real time reports about the condition of their systems or possible malfunctions.

Using this app may improve routine procedures for using, supervising and controlling this equipment. It is cost effective and may save substantial sums for your organization.

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