LUMIRA Polycarbonate Panel for Ideal Insulation and Daylight Diffusion

Lumira – Aerogel

In this product, silicate insulating material is embedded in polycarbonate to boost its thermal and acoustic insulation and achieve the best possible day light diffusion.

Panels are available in variable thickness. Panel thickness corresponds to insulation, day light diffusion and UV filtering levels (for exact properties see table below)


The qualities of Lumira-aerogel

Thermal insulation

Acoustic insulation

Light is evenly spread in large spaces

Prevents sunlight reflection and softens light

Prevents greenhouse effect and excess heat

Better energy efficiency due to better insulation and air temperature reduction (save on your electric bills through less costly air conditioning)




Lumira boards can be used to cover a variety of openings

Insulation and lighting for walls and roofs

skylight roof surfaces

swimming pool enclosures

showrooms amd other applications

Lumira Aerogel boards are our standard covering material for Phoenix windows and Venturilight natural day lighting units

more info about the product: