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Technical Support for Fire Protection Systems

The Paragon fire Protection Company and Barnea Group offer a large range of comprehensive technical solutions for every need.

The company’s vision is well expressed by our slogan: “Our Expertise – Your Peace of Mind.”

This vision is practically applied in our company stores and offices located in every region of Israel. The northern branch is near Haifa. Our main depot is at the northern exit of Highway 6 and the central/southern branch can be found in vicinity of the Ben Gurion International Airport.

In compliance with our service mission statement we also offer 24/7 technical support and repair phone hotline. Any call to this hotline will be addressed in three hours and company service technicians will arrive within 24 hours after the initial report.

Human Resources- we employ the best people in all positions, from management and project planning to experienced and professional sales associates, competent administrative staffers and expert technical service and operations personnel.

Knowledge and experience- we hold workshops and seminars in the relevant fields to keep our technology current and innovative.


  • Portable gear – routine service and maintenance for fire extinguishers and plumbing for fire suppression systems (hoses, fire hydrants, valves, spigots etc.) according to SII Standard 129

Fire suppression equipment – sale, supply and installation

Emergency lighting fixtures, lighted signs, fluorescent and fire delaying paint

Passive fire suppression – sealing and insulation of areas susceptible to fire

  • Fire detection systems- installation of 1220/3 standard bearing fire detection systems

Service and maintenance for fire detection equipment according to 1220/11 standard specifications

  • Sprinkler systems – installation of sprinklers, pumps and water containers according to 1596/NFPA 13 standard specifications

Service and maintenance for sprinklers and pump enclosures on a half- yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly basis

  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems –for computer and server rooms

Automatic fire extinguishers for electric mains, switches and distribution boards

Powder based fire extinguishers for generator rooms and shipping containers


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