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Paragon Barnea Group Ltd

The parent company operates two companies
Which provide a response to fire protection all over
the country.

Central Region

Hamalka 1, Industrial Zone Lod
טלפון: 077-2308353

Northern Region

Blue Band Industry - Haifa Bay
טלפון: 077-2308358

צור קשר

24hours-supportA 24/7 service center to respond to system failures
Installed by the company.
The center operates technicians and duty officers in every area of ​​the country.
Each call is opened in the system and is monitored by the system
The company’s service until the problem is closed.

The Paragon Barnea Group

ha melaca 1 Industrial Area Lod

mail: office@paragon.co.il

phone: 3-971-1154 972+

fax Central Branch: 3-971-1159 972+
fax Northern Branch: 4-840-0433 972+


Central Branch

1 Ha Melacha St., Lod Industrial Zone
Tel: 03-9711154

Northern Branch

Blue Band Industrial Zone, Haifa Bay
Tel: 04-8400766

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